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Is It Just a Viral Fever? Symptoms, Causes, & Treatment

Viral Fever | Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment
Health Tips 06 Nov 2023

Viral fever refers to a health condition in which the patient experiences higher body temperature due to viral infection. In general, human body temperature remains at 98.6°F.

When this level rises by another 1°F, physicians medically term the condition as fever. In the case of viral fever, the cause behind the temperature rise remains a virus.

Types Of Viral Fever

Viral fever can be of several types. While the primary cause of all these fevers remains a variety of viruses, the types can be different in terms of symptoms, severity, fatality, and recovery time.

Similarly, the medicines and treatment process for these types can also be different. Here are a few types of viral fevers people suffer from.

Respiratory Viral Fever

When a virus infects the respiratory tract of a person, he/she suffers from respiratory viral fever.   The infection might impact the upper or lower part of the tract.

Common health problems such as influenza and colds belong to this category. The following are a few more examples of respiratory viral fever.

  • Coryza
  • Adenovirus Infection
  • Rhinovirus Infection
  • Laryngitis With Bronchitis
  • Para Influenza Virus Infection
  • Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection
  • Measles

The recent pandemic of SARS COVID-19 was also a viral infection that wreaked havoc around the globe.

Viral Enteritis

Sometimes, viral infection impacts the digestive system tract as well. This is how the sufferer gets viral enteritis. A common example of this health condition is gastroenteritis in which the gastro-intestinal health suffers due to viral infection.

Exanthemata Viral Fever

In the case of Exanthematous viral infection, patients suffer from fever and dermatological problems together.  Patients suffering from this viral infection might experience rashes, blisters etc., on their body. The eruptions do not generally go away until the viral infection reduces. While children fall prey to this variety of infections more frequently, even adults can become prey to it anytime.

Haemorrhagic Viral Fever

It is a variety of viruses that cause bleeding, making the infection deadlier than the other viral infection types. In this case, the patient’s body temperature rises quickly and reaches a very high level. As a result, the arteries react and the platelets malfunction causing internal haemorrhage.

Neurologic Viral Fever

Neurotropic viruses refer to a certain type of viruses that impact the CNS (central nervous system). Initially, the virus enters the bloodstream and then it enters the brain and the spinal cord.

Symptoms of Viral Fever

No matter the type of viral fever, the patients always get clear indications that the body is under the influence of some variety of viruses. Viral fever symptoms are quite detectable and distinct.

  • Pain in muscle and Joint
  • Feeling of Fatigue
  • Severe or mild headache
  • Clogged nose
  • Sore throat
  • High body temperature
  • Dehydration
  • Facial swelling
  • Recurring chills
  • skin Rashes
  • Red eyes
  • Poor appetite

These are a few common symptoms of viral fever.

Causes of Viral Fever

Since there exists, several types of viral fevers, the causes are also varied. Viruses are microscopic organisms that enter the human body from different sources. Here are a few causes of viral fever of different types.


Airborne viruses easily enter the human body through the nostrils during inhalation.

Especially when you come in proximity with someone with viral infection, the infected person might sneeze or cough and the virus comes out of the infected body and enters your body. This is a droplet infection. Common cold or flu spread through inhalation.


Sometimes, drinks and food items contain viruses.  If you consume them, the risk of contracting the infection rises.

Viruses that enter the human body through ingestion generally cause gastroenteritis. Enteroviruses and Norovirus contract the human body through ingestion.


Some viruses contact humans through animal/insect bites. If the animals or insects have viruses in their bodies, a bite from any of them can be potentially perilous.

Rabies spreads through dog bites and dengue spread to people when a female Aedes mosquito bites them.

Both these viral infections can be fatal if the contracted person ignores the initial symptoms. Try to get in touch with the nearest clinic whenever you face a fever or other viral infection signs.

Bodily Fluids

The source of the virus can be the body fluids excreted by another person as well. Common examples of this type of viral infection are HIV, Hepatitis B, etc.

No matter the causes of viral fever, once you experience any of the symptoms, seek medical advice immediately.

Treatment Of Viral Fever

Doctors generally suggest a few pathological tests to confirm viral infection. Since bacterial and viral infection symptoms are quite similar, the tests remain critical for flawless diagnosis. Once detected, viral fever treatment starts right away.

However, antibiotics have no impact on viral infection. The primary course of treatment follows a symptom reduction objective.

The physician tries to reduce the symptoms suffered by the patient. Here are a few common viral infection treatment methods that provide significant relief to the patients.

  • Drinking at least 3 litres of water every day is a common rule. The doctors sometimes suggest drinking even more water to avoid dehydration, which is a regular symptom of viral fever.
  • Not undergoing physical exhaustion and taking enough rest remain the next suggestion which helps the patients regain physical strength. Resting also helps recover faster.
  • High temperature is not good for the body. Therefore, physicians suggest taking paracetamol or ibuprofen tablets to reduce fever. Patients should take these pills once the temperature reaches the mark of 100°F.
  • Some antiviral medicines are also available in the market these days. In case of severe infection, doctors often prescribe these drugs. However, do not take these without consulting a doctor first.
  • Eating nutritious, non-greasy, home-cooked food is necessary to recover faster. Doctors also suggest eating eggs and fruits to support your immune system with protein and vitamins.

Therefore, viral fever or viral infection is not a menacing disease. Anyone can battle this condition easily if they address the problem at the right time. Do not delay the treatment process once you face any of the symptoms mentioned above.

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