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You can know complete details about dental X-Ray cost at City Imaging in Delhi. Dental X-Rays, also known as radiographs, are detailed images of your teeth. Dental X-Rays assist your dentist in evaluating your overall oral health. Dental X-Rays at City Imaging are completely safe.

During a dental X-Ray procedure, our technician captures the interior images of your teeth and gums. With dental X-Rays, your dentist can recognise problems like cavities, tooth decay, gum health, etc. When you have a problem with your oral cavity, the dentist will conduct a visual examination.

However, a visual examination may not always be effective. Dentists recommend patients undergo an X-Ray to analyse the condition minutely.

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The Necessity of Dental X-Ray near me

If your dentist is tracking the progress of dental treatment, they may ask you to undergo an X-Ray annually. Certain factors may affect how often you should undergo a dental X-Ray. Here is the list of them.

  • Your present oral health
  • Your age
  • Any symptoms of oral diseases
  • A history of gum diseases

In the case of children, dentists may order frequent X-Rays. A dental X-Ray near me will help the dentist to monitor specific conditions related to oral health.

Types of Dental X-Rays available at City Imaging

  • At City Imaging, we specialise in conducting various types of dental X-Rays. Our technicians can conduct intraoral and extraoral X-Rays. Typically, intraoral X-Rays are most common. Your dentist will usually ask you to undergo an intraoral X-Ray.
  • We also have expertise in conducting dental CT scan / CBCT Scan.
  • OPG X-ray is also available at our centre.

What do the Dental X-Rays at the City Imaging Show?

Dental X-Rays are pretty effective in helping your dentist plan the entire treatment. Dental X-Rays can show the following:

  • Decay beneath the fillings
  • Bone loss in the jawbone
  • The exact position of teeth to tailor the treatment process related to implants and braces
  • Cysts and other types of tumours
  • Dental abscesses

Dental X-Rays are effective as they can spot issues early. Treating dental problems before they assume severity may help you save money and pain.

Preparing for a Dental X-Ray in Delhi- Things to know

Note that dental X-Rays don’t require any special preparation. However, you should brush your teeth before the examination. Our technician will explain the procedure briefly to make you feel comfortable. If you have any issues, you can always talk to our technicians.

Your dentist may conduct X-Rays before cleanings. We will ask you to wear a lead vest across your upper body during the procedure. The scanning machine will stay alongside your head to record images of the mouth. You may have to sit upright in the chair during the whole procedure.

Our technicians will place the X-Ray sensor in your mouth. To undergo Dental X-Ray in Delhi, visit City Imaging at the earliest.

Your One-Stop Diagnostic Centre for 3-Dimensional Dental Scans

At City Imaging, we specialise in conducting three-dimensional dental scans. Three-dimensional dental scans are also known as Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT). At City Imaging, CBCT scans are quicker and involve no downtime.

We have advanced CBCT scanners that can capture multiple images. With a CBCT scan, your dentist will get a clearer image of the oral cavity. Your dentist may ask you to undergo a 3D dental scan prior to the placement of implants. Here are some of the essential traits of a CBCT scan you should know.

  • CBCT scans can capture a crystal-clear image of your oral cavity
  • Dentists rely on the CBCT scan to analyse your oral health before surgeries
  • Aids with dental reconstructive surgeries
  • It saves you a lot of appointments

For more details about a 3D dental scan, reach out to us.

What Happens after Dental X-Rays?

After undergoing dental X-Rays at our centre, we will prepare the report. The preparation process for the report usually takes 8 to 10 hours. When the images are ready, your dentist will review them. The dentist will minutely check the images for any type of complications. And if the dentist finds issues, they will discuss them with you. You can search with a dental scan near me to find our centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What kind of X-Rays Dentists Prefer?

Dentists mostly prefer intraoral X-Rays. Intraoral X-Rays are completely safe and allow your dentist to tailor the treatment process. As the top dental imaging centre, we specialise in various types of intraoral X-Rays.

Q.2 What can the Dental X-Rays Identify?

Dental X-Rays can detect a wide variety of issues associated with your oral health. It captures detailed images of your oral cavity. Dental X-Rays can check for impacted wisdom teeth too.

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