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If you are looking for a trusted diagnostic centre for ultrasound near me, then you are at the right place. City Imaging & Clinical Labs is one of the best ultrasound centres in Delhi, specialising in high-tech 3D and 4D ultrasound investigation for accurate diagnosis.

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What is an Ultrasound Test?

An ultrasound test is a non-invasive diagnostic investigation that uses sonar technology to capture pictures of the body’s internal organs and tissues. The images recorded through this procedure can provide accurate information to help diagnose and direct the treatment for a wide range of health conditions and diseases.

In most cases, a sonography test is performed outside the body using an ultrasound device. However, certain imaging procedures require placing the device inside the body – though it is safe and painless. At City Imaging & Clinical Labs, we specialise in advanced ultrasound procedures, helping in fast and effective diagnosis of various conditions related to the abdomen, liver, heart, gallbladder and kidney. An ultrasound test also aids in surgeries and biopsies.

Why is an Ultrasound Test Performed?

An ultrasound imaging is recommended for several reasons, including:

  • Monitor pregnancy and view the progress of the foetus
  • Examine a lump or swelling in any part of the body
  • Detect prostate or genital problems
  • Diagnose conditions affecting abdomen health
  • Identify a disease of the gallbladder or pancreas
  • Assess the condition of joint inflammation, also known as synovitis
  • Guide a tumour treatment or needle biopsy

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How is an Ultrasound Test Done?

The ultrasound procedure will vary depending on the part of the body being scanned and potential health conditions. Usually, it is performed outside the body where you need to lie down on a table either on your side or your back. It does not require hospitalisation and is safe and painless.

Once you are prepared, our highly experienced radiologist will apply a water-soluble gel to the body part being scanned. The gel allows the scanner (transducer) to smoothly move on your skin and capture high-quality images. The radiologist will then glide the transducer on your skin and begin scanning, gently pressing at some points and capturing images of different internal structures.

During the procedure, you need to stay still to ensure the images can be taken accurately. When the test is complete, wipe off the gel using tissue paper and you can get back to your daily life. The procedure does not require any recovery time.

In addition to the above ultrasound tests, we also specialise in:

  • Transvaginal ultrasound where a special type of transducer is inserted into the vagina
  • Transrectal ultrasound of the prostate that requires inserting the transducer through the rectum
  • Transesophageal ultrasound of the heart in which the transducer is inserted into the oesophagus, usually under sedation

Types of Ultrasound Tests We Specialise in

As the best ultrasound centre in Delhi, we perform a wide range of procedures that include:

  • General ultrasound
  • Abdominal ultrasound
  • Musculoskeletal ultrasound
  • Breast ultrasound
  • Prostate ultrasound
  • Thyroid ultrasound
  • Pregnancy ultrasound

For the above diagnostic imaging procedures, we use the latest 3D and 4D ultrasound technology for more precise image quality. Trust us for high-quality and reliable 3D ultrasound near me that provides three-dimensional images of the body’s internal structure or the foetus. The image quality is more accurate and detailed – aiding in better diagnosis.

We also specialise in 4D ultrasound near me in Delhi, taking medical imaging a step further. Through cutting-edge 4D scanning, we generate real-time, live images which are presented in the form of moving images or videos. Such imaging procedures are best performed to view the heart’s blood flow, diagnose fetal defects or experience the heartbeat of the unborn baby.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is an ultrasound test performed only for pregnancy?

No. In addition to pregnancy, the test is also a preferred diagnostic imaging technique to detect and examine a wide range of health conditions affecting the:

  • Abdomen
  • Ovary, prostate, and testicles
  • The musculoskeletal structure of the body
  • Breast
  • Thyroid
  • Heart

Q2. How to prepare for an ultrasound?

How you prepare for the test will vary based on the medical condition and part of the body being scanned. Your doctor may advise you to:

  • Avoid consuming food or fluid at least a few hours before the test
  • Drink plenty of water to make the bladder full but do not go to the washroom before the procedure

However, a pregnancy ultrasound does not require you to fast or go to the washroom before the test.

Q3. Are there any side effects of an ultrasound?

An ultrasound test uses high-frequency sound waves, or solar technology, to capture images of the foetus or the body’s internal organs. It is non-invasive and does not use radiation. Hence, the test is absolutely safe and does not have any side effects.

Q4. How long does the procedure take?

An ultrasound takes around 15 minutes to up to 1 hour to complete.

Q5. What is the ultrasound test cost in Delhi?

The ultrasound test cost starts from around INR 450/- and will vary depending on the type of scanning done.

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