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At City Imaging, we offer comprehensive details about FibroScan test price in Delhi. FibroScan is a non-invasive medical imaging modality that can measure the scars on your liver. It measures the amount of damage caused by fibrosis due to different types of liver illnesses.

Pretty similar to an ultrasound procedure, the FibroScan procedure at City Imaging is painless and quick. It involves no downtime, and you can resume your activities after the procedure. It is the best alternative to conventional liver biopsy to analyse liver damage.

We have an FDA-approved FibroScan device that can measure liver scarring accurately. If your medical practitioner thinks you have fatty liver, they will ask you to undergo several diagnostic tests. The FibroScan test is one of the major tests you may have to undergo to identify liver scarring.

Essential Aspects to Learn about FibroScan Test Near Me

To ascertain the overall damage to your liver, your doctor will ask you to undergo blood tests. These blood tests are the best way to check liver enzymes. Elevated levels of liver enzymes are an indicator of specific health conditions like fatty liver.

An ultrasound or CT can help recognise the anomalies present within your liver. If your liver enzymes are high and the CT shows abnormalities, the next is to opt for a biopsy.

However, a liver biopsy is an invasive procedure where the doctors insert a needle into your liver. To avoid the painful procedure of biopsy, many doctors nowadays recommend a FibroScan test at City Imaging.

FibroScan is the Best Test to Identify Liver Damage

FibroScan is a relatively new technique to measure fat build-up and liver scarring. And like other ultrasound exams, FibroScan is painless, quick, and easy. The procedure of FibroScan requires no extensive preparation.

However, in certain situations, we may ask you to refrain from eating or drinking for tests. The FibroScan test near me doesn’t need any type of sedation. After the test, you will be on foot with no downtime and restrictions.

Types of Chronic Liver Conditions a FibroScan Test Can Detect

Your physician may suggest a FibroScan near me detect the following liver conditions.

  • Autoimmune hepatitis
  • Alcoholic liver disease
  • Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C
  • Cirrhosis

You can consult with us to learn more about the FibroScan test price in Delhi.

Things to Expect from a FibroScan Test at City Imaging

At City Imaging, we are always transparent about the diagnostic tests performed at our centre. Here are some of the top things to expect from a FibroScan test at City Imaging.

  • You should arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the procedure
  • You can bring the list of your current medications
  • The procedure does not require any type of sedation
  • In most cases, the FibroScan procedure lasts for 10 minutes
  • During the test, you should be on your back with raising right arm
  • You should wear loose clothes during the procedure
  • For details related to FibroScan test price in Delhi, you can consult with us
  • Our doctors will apply a gel onto your skin to glide the probe
  • We will run an ultrasound probe over the abdomen to ascertain the damage caused by fibrosis
  • During the test, it is pretty normal to feel some vibrations on your skin

You can search with liver FibroScan test near me for more details.

FibroScan, also known as transient elastography, measures the speed of the ultrasound waves as they traverse across the liver. It can measure the overall stiffness of your liver. You can search with FibroScan near me for relevant details.

The scarring of the liver in its initial stages is known as fibrosis. And when you suffer from severe fibrosis, the condition is known as cirrhosis. For relevant details about FibroScan cost in Delhi, seek an appointment with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the Purpose of a FibroScan Test?

Your doctor will ask for a FibroScan test to diagnose liver-related illnesses. At City Imaging, we use FibroScan to measure portal hypertension besides liver ailments. It also helps with the prediction of survival in patients with liver illness.

Q2. What should you know about Normal FibroScan Results?

The normal range for a FibroScan test is between 3 to 6 kPa. In most patients, the normal range is 5.3 kPa.

Q3. Is the FibroScan Procedure Painful at City Imaging?

At City Imaging, we use the latest FibroScan devices to provide you with a quick and accurate diagnosis. Undergoing a FibroScan test is not painful. However, you may feel a slight vibration when our professional will glide the probe on your abdomen.

Q4. Who are the Ideal Candidates for a FibroScan Test?

You can contact our clinic to learn more about FibroScan cost in Delhi. Doctors will ask you to undergo this procedure if you are monitored for or diagnosed with the following:

  • Hepatitis C
  • Hepatitis B
  • Alcoholic Liver Illness

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