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Digital X-Ray

Are you looking for the best quality and most affordable x-ray near me in Delhi? Look no further than City Imaging & Clinical Labs. We specialise in highly advanced yet low-cost X-Ray facilities that ensure accurate and reliable results. The painless and non-invasive diagnostic imaging procedure uses X-Ray to capture highly accurate images of bones, tissues and internal structures of the body.

We offer state-of-the-art Digital X-Ray services that adhere to international standards – ensuring prompt & reliable diagnosis, improved patient care and safety. To book an appointment and get affordable X-Ray cost in Delhi, get in touch with us at 011-47252025.

What is an X-Ray?

An X-Ray is a non-invasive, painless and quick diagnostic imaging procedure that renders high-quality and accurate images of the body’s internal structures, especially your bones. It allows the doctor to have a view of the inside of your body, helping detect, monitor and guide the treatment process of many health conditions.

X-ray beams, comprising radiation, pass through the body and get absorbed based on the density of the internal structure they pass through. For complex X-Ray tests, we may use a contrast medium such as barium or iodine that is injected into your body to get more detailed images. To book a test with the best x-ray lab near me in Delhi, call us today.

Why is an X-Ray Done?

Your doctor may recommend getting an x-ray done to examine different parts of the body specially bone and diagnose a wide range of health conditions. Typically, an x-ray may help:

  • Assess a part of your body where you experiencing unexpected pain, inflammation, discomfort or other symptoms
  • Examine how a diagnosed disease is progressing
  • Guide the treatment process for certain health conditions and monitor how a prescribed treatment is working

Several health conditions that may be diagnosed using an x-ray are: 

  • Fractures or injuries of the bone
  • Osteoporosis and arthritis
  • Blocked blood vessels
  • Conditions that affect the lungs
  • Enlarged heart
  • Breast tumours
  • Digestive problems
  • Infections
  • Tooth decay
  • Bone cancer

If you are experiencing symptoms of pain and discomfort or your doctor is suspecting any of the above health conditions, get an x-ray done at City Imaging & Clinical Labs. We offer the best x-ray cost while ensuring unmatched diagnostic excellence and patient care.

Benefits of Digital X-Ray

City Imaging & Clinical Labs uses highly advanced digital x-ray options that help ensure the highest quality of diagnostic services in a prompt and efficient manner. Keeping pace with the latest trends, we use digital radiographs that can fulfil the limitations of traditional x-rays.

Here are the advantages you get when you book a digital x-ray with us:

  • Better image quality that aids in faster and more accurate diagnosis
  • Faster processing time
  • The images are ready for viewing instantly, making doctor consultations shorter and diagnoses faster
  • All the images are stored electronically and can be manipulated to render high-definition picture quality. Our advanced digital radiography machine can deliver images in 200+ shades of grey while conventional x-rays provide only 16-25 shades of grey
  • Reduces a patient’s exposure to radiation significantly
  • Ensures accurate imaging

How is a Digital X-ray Performed?

Depending on the part of the body being scanned, our technologist will position your body likewise to get more precise views. While some procedures will require you to sit or stand upright in front of the x-ray machine, in some cases you may need to lie down on a table.

During the procedure, you will need to stay still and hold your breath when instructed by the technologist. This will help ensure the images do not get blurred.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is an x-ray safe?

Though an x-ray involves radiation exposure, the levels are extremely low and are not known to cause any potential side effects on your body.

Q2. Does the process require any special preparation?

In most cases, an x-ray does not need any special preparation. However, it is important that you remove any metal objects from your body, including jewellery, hearing aids, eyeglasses, etc. before the procedure. There is no need to fast unless you require abdominal radiology. You are also allowed to take regular medicines before an x-ray.

However, preparation instructions may vary depending on the type of x-ray procedure performed.

Q3. I am pregnant. Can I undergo an x-ray?

Yes; when you book an x-ray near me at City Imaging & Clinical Labs, we ensure following the highest standards of safety measures. Digital radiography can be performed safely on pregnant women and it does not risk the health of the unborn baby. However, make sure you consult the doctor before taking an x-ray during pregnancy.

Q4. What is the x-ray test price in Delhi?

The x-ray cost in Delhi starts from INR 225/- onwards. At City Imaging & Clinical Labs, we ensure high-quality diagnostic care at an affordable x-ray cost.

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