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It is being rightly said that “A healthy heart will give you the courage to face and overcome any challenge in life.” And the journey to a healthy heart begins with a healthy lifestyle and an accurate & timely diagnosis of a heart condition. City Imaging & Clinical Labs is a leading diagnostic centre in Delhi, bringing high-quality and trustworthy cardiology services.

Cardiology tests help assess how optimally your heart is functioning as well as identify abnormalities if any. Early diagnosis of heart disease can help guide the treatment process, ensuring you never miss a beat. With two decades of experience in diagnostic excellence, we are the most trusted choice for high-quality “cardiology test near me” in Delhi.

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Cardiology Tests We Specialise in

At City Imaging & Clinical Labs, we use the latest technology, modern equipment and a team of skilled technicians who can perform a wide range of cardiology tests. These include:

  • Electrocardiogram: An ECG is a diagnostic cardiology test that helps capture and monitor your heart’s rhythm. The ECG device records the heart’s electrical signals when and demonstrates them in the form of waves. Inconsistency in your heart rhythm indicates the presence of a potential heart condition. The test is also performed to examine the heart health of patients who have a medical history of heart disease or have been diagnosed with diabetes or hypertension.
  • Echocardiogram: It is a non-invasive cardiology procedure that uses sound waves to examine if the heart’s chambers and valves are functioning properly and pumping blood efficiently. It is primarily done to detect problems in the chambers and valves as well as diagnose congenital heart diseases in newborn babies.
  • Treadmill Test (TMT): Using cutting-edge technology, we perform accurate and reliable treadmill tests on a wide variety of patients. The TMT helps in diagnosing and analysing a heart disease along with its progression, examining how a treatment is working, and evaluating patients who have chest pain.
  • CT Angiography: We are equipped with a multi-slice spiral CT scanner that is capable of performing even the most complex coronary angiograms. Through this procedure, we assess the status of coronary arteries and if there are any other anomalies.
  • Holter Monitor Test: With advancements in technology, we bring to you one of the fastest, most effective and proven ways to diagnose a wide range of heart conditions. During this test, you carry a portable ECG device with you that constantly monitors your heart’s electrical activities. It captures the heart rhythm for around 24-48 hours and the recordings are later analysed to diagnose a heart condition if any.

Want high-quality testing services for cardiology in Delhi? We are here to guide you with the right diagnostic screening solution that is suitable for your heart condition.

Why it is Important to Get Regular Heart Check-ups?

As our lifestyle gets more complex and we are burdened by stress, it takes a toll on our heart health. Therefore, it is crucial to get a regular check-up done to ensure your heart is performing optimally or detect a heart condition if any. Choose us for a cardiology test near me to:

  • Diagnose and monitor a wide variety of heart conditions and diseases
  • Guide the treatment process to prevent the progress of the disease
  • Minimise healthcare costs by detecting and treating heart problems at an early stage
  • Reduce the chance of falling sick by taking preventive measures

Book an appointment today and get the best cardiology test price in Delhi.

How to Book a Cardiology Test?

To schedule an appointment, click the “Book a Test” tab on the top right corner of our website. Fill up the simple online form and make the booking. Your appointment will be booked for a preferred date and time. You can also call us at 011-47252025 to book a cardiology test.

With over three decades of experience, cutting-edge equipment and a team of highly skilled technicians and doctors, we ensure top-notch testing services for cardiology in Delhi. We also ensure affordable cardiology test price without compromising on test quality.

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