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Corporate Social Responsibility

City X-Ray & Scan Clinic is committed to building a happier and healthier society through our constant drive towards Corporate Social Responsibility. Our vision is to educate the unprivileged, spread social awareness and enhance the lives of millions through high-quality, preventive and affordable health care initiatives.
We constantly strive to provide high levels of ‘Health,’ ‘Education’ and ‘Skill Development for the overall welfare of the society. City X-Ray & Scan Clinic has always fulfilled its societal responsibilities, making a positive impact through knowledge and awareness. This begins with promoting the importance of health for individual and the wellness of society at large.
The company has established a comprehensive CSR policy complying with Section 135 of the Companies Act 2013 as well as the Companies Rules, 2014, as laid by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Our CSR policy expresses the mechanisms and principles we follow to undertake different CSR programs/activities as mentioned herewith.


We believe that consciousness towards good health and well-being comes from knowledge and awareness. Therefore, we focus on educating the unprivileged and students amid better infrastructure and improved teaching quality. We extend constant support to local schools to provide a healthy learning environment, spread awareness about self-care and promote knowledge in all fields.
In addition to helping provide fair education to all, our CSR team focuses on maintaining hygiene in schools. This is important because a lot of patients coming to us are affected by infection coming from poorly cleaned toilets. Therefore, we sponsor building toilets in schools, including wash basins and urinals, to provide better hygiene, cleanliness and privacy.

Skill Development & Social Welfare

By partnering with local authorities, we continuously organise skill development workshops to train unprivileged men and women. This enables them to get engaged with various small-scale industries and become financially stable. We also play an integral role in social welfare, extending financial aid and donations to various social development and welfare organisations.
The objective of our skill development programmes is to create respectable and sustainable income opportunities for the rural youth in our community. By promoting their skills in various aspects, particularly health and diagnostics, we aim to establish them as micro-entrepreneurs. In addition to maintaining a sustainable livelihood, such programmes also help promote healthcare awareness and facilitate providing high-quality and affordable diagnostic services even in rural communities.
At the same time, we strive to spread awareness about the use of sanitary napkins in rural areas to ensure better hygiene and improved health of women in all classes of society.


At City X-Ray & Scan Clinic, we are committed to ensuring better health and wellbeing of all communities by investing in various healthcare programmes, innovative ideas and partnerships that aid in spreading awareness. Our team is continuously working towards taking adequate diagnostic measures and preventive actions for individuals and the community at large.
With a holistic approach towards healthcare, we work in the fields of adolescent and women's healthcare, non-communicable diseases, public healthcare, water & sanitation, geriatric care and creating rewarding employment opportunities. City X-Ray & Scan Clinic works closely with various stakeholders such as the Government, NGOs and other social development organisations to establish different healthcare and social welfare programmes for the communities we mutually serve.

Other CSR Activities

Under our CSR initiatives, we support multiple projects in diverse fields such as:

  • Promoting and funding projects under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in West Delhi
  • Supporting various animal welfare organisations for the treatment and rehabilitation of stray animals
  • Supporting special children in our communities through societal awareness and proper education
  • Promoting tree plantations in different areas of West Delhi with the objective to make the planet a better place to live in.

How We Measure Our Quality Standards?

Being a top-tier and trusted healthcare diagnostic centre in Delhi, we use different quality indicators. This enables us to constantly monitor our Quality Assurance programme, upgrade our systems and procedures, and maintain high levels of efficiency & accuracy. These include:

  • Recalled patients log
  • Regular customer feedback
  • Clinicians feedback
  • Interobserver log
  • Adverse reaction log
  • Delayed reports
  • TAT monitoring

These quality indicators pave the way for continuous improvement, optimizing our processes and achieving higher patient satisfaction