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As you age, the bones tend to become thin, weak, and porous. This affects bone density, resulting in one of the most common health problems – osteoporosis. When you have this condition, the bones become so thin and weak that they tend to break easily. Unfortunately, you may not know that you have osteoporosis until there is a fracture.

Therefore, doctors recommend getting a bone mineral density (BMD) test done to assess the risk of osteoporosis, particularly in older adults and women. Also known as Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) scan, a BMD test helps measure the amount of calcium or other minerals you have in your bones.

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When Should You Take a BMD Test?

Osteoporosis may happen to anyone, especially when you are aging. It primarily affects older women; however, even men can have osteoporosis. Check below to understand when you should get a DEXA scan done:

  • You are 65 years or older
  • You are a woman in your menopause with a high risk of fracture
  • You are 50 years or older and already have had your menopause
  • You have broken a bone post 50 years of age
  • You have unexplained back pain and your body posture is hunched
  • You tend to lose 1.5 inches of your height
  • You recently had an organ transplant
  • You have irregular periods or your periods have stopped but you are not menopausal or pregnant.

Certain kinds of prescribed drugs may also cause bone loss or a lack of calcium in the bones.

If you fall under any of these categories, it is important to get a bone mineral density test done. Trust us for a best-in-class DEXA scan near me in Delhi.

How is a DEXA Scan Performed?

A Dexa Scan uses low dose X-Rays to see how dense (or strong) your bones are. A DEXA scan is a non-invasive, high-precision diagnostic imaging procedure that helps measure your bone mineral density. During the test, you will need to lie down on your back and then our skilled technologist will position you correctly. We use the latest DEXA scanner that uses two beams of x-ray to precisely measure the mineral density of your bones.

Once the procedure is complete, the DEXA scanner will graphically present the measurements for easy & quick diagnosis. The x-ray beams use safe amounts of radiation and therefore, the test does not have any potential side effects. To schedule a BMD test near me in Delhi, call us at 011-47252025 today.

Why Choose City Imaging & Clinical Labs for a BMD Test?

Dexa Scan is considered to be the most accurate test, or gold standard for measuring bone density therefore Dexa Scan is the preferred method for measuring bone density. Here’s what makes us the most trusted choice for DEXA scan near me:

  • Medically certified and the latest DEXA scanners that emit minimum radiation levels and ensure precise imaging
  • We maintain the highest standards of safety when performing a BMD test
  • High-quality and accurate assessment of a patient’s risk of osteoporosis or other bone health problems, including fractures
  • Low radiation amounts ensure no potential side effects
  • Affordable DEXA scan cost in Delhi

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why is a bone mineral density test done?

It is a specialised radiology imaging procedure that examines the bones and identifies physical or chemical changes that might affect them as you age. A bone Dexa scan is most effective in measuring the mineral density of the bones, helping determine the risks of osteoporosis.

Your doctor may use the test to:

  • Identify the risk of broken bones or fractures
  • Diagnose the condition of osteoporosis
  • Determine the bone density and guide the treatment process before bones break

Q2. How long does the process take to complete?

A BMD test might take around 25-30 minutes to complete.

Q3. How to prepare for a BMD test?

  • Preferably do not wear clothes with buttons, belts or metal zippers. These can hinder the x-ray imaging procedure
  • Do not consume calcium supplements at least 24 hours before the test
  • If you have had an MRI or CT scan using contrast dye, do not take the DEXA scan for at least 7 days

Q4. Is it safe to have a BMD test?

During a BMD test, you are exposed to low levels of radiation. Hence, there are no potential risks in taking the test. It is a non-invasive procedure and there are no side effects of a bone mineral density test. You can get back to your regular course of life immediately after taking the test.

Q5. What does the report indicate?

Your bone mineral density is presented in the form of a T-score. Any score between 0 and -1 is considered normal. If the score is between -1 and -2.5, it indicates lower bone mass and a higher risk of fracture. A score less than or equal to -2.5 indicates osteoporosis.

Q6. What does the bone density test cost in Delhi?

The BMD test price starts from INR 1200/-. However, the scan cost may vary based on the part of the body being scanned.

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