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9 Impressive (Makhana) lotus seeds benefits, uses & nutritional value

(Makhana) lotus seeds benefits
Health Tips 06 Dec 2022

The Lotus plant is one of the most widely known aquatic plants that you can find in the Asian parts of the globe. While the flower is popularly used for decorative and ornamental purposes, the seeds of the flower have been used as super food elements for centuries.

The essence lies in the medicinal and health benefits of eating lotus seeds. These seeds have active properties that aid in the treatment of inflammation, diuretics, and even fatal diseases like cancer.

Besides this, lotus seeds also play an active role in the treatment of ailments like poor digestion, insomnia, palpitations, and so on. There are also numerous lotus seed benefits for the skin. Thus, adding lotus seeds to your daily diet can be an effective health booster strategy.

Why Should You Add Lotus Seeds to Your Regular Diet?

Needless to say, the benefits of lotus seeds are laudable. This post explores some of the significant health benefits of eating lotus seeds, and how they can instantly positively affect your body. Some of the key advantages of lotus seeds are as follows:

Lotus Seeds Help Prevent Inflammation

One of the most pronounced benefits of lotus seeds is that it is extremely helpful in reducing body inflammation. It contains a naturally occurring flavonoid that helps fight against inflammation as well as aging issues.

Besides, lotus seeds also work extremely well in acting as an alternative for coffee when they are roasted. Furthermore, these seeds are packed with excellent medicinal value. The nutritional benefits of lotus seeds help fight harmful diseases such as cancer.

These Seeds Have Low Glycemic Index

Another essential factor that makes lotus seeds an excellent choice for your diet is that they have an incredibly low glycemic index than other carbs such as rice, bread, and so on. Due to this property of lotus seeds, they hold a lot of value for patients suffering from diabetes. Therefore, food items that incorporate lotus seeds are an excellent diet routine for them.

Lotus Seeds Help Enhance Kidney Health

Another interesting fact about lotus seeds is that they have always found extensive use in the field of Ayurveda, due to their highly beneficial astringent properties. These characteristic properties of lotus seeds are highly advantageous in restoring the condition of the kidneys by offering them the essential nutrients they need to function properly.

Lotus Seeds Also Help Stabilizing Blood Sugar Levels

As discussed above, many studies have also found that these seeds could help with maintaining better blood sugar management.

Several animal studies have concluded that the use of lotus seeds improved blood sugar and insulin levels in rats who suffered from diabetes. Several animal studies have observed similar results, demonstrating that lotus seeds extract could enhance blood sugar management.

These Seeds Might Also Aid in Weight Loss

Adding lotus seeds to your daily diet is a great way to boost your regular intake of fiber and protein. Protein, in particular, is known to reduce unnecessary food cravings and helps in regulating your appetite levels.

On the other hand, fiber helps keep you feel fuller for a longer period by moving slowly through your digestive tract. Some studies have also shown that consuming a higher amount of fiber regularly is linked to reductions in fat in the abdominal region, along with increased weight loss.

Lotus Seeds Promote Heart Health

Another benefit of lotus seed is that it may benefit cardiac health. Lotus seeds are abundant with magnesium. Magnesium, being the greatest channel blocker, promotes oxygen, blood, and the flow of other nutrients. Low levels of magnesium in the body can make you prone to heart attacks.

The nutritional value of lotus seeds is so great that it can lead to a dramatic effect on the heart condition of a person. Its nutritional content of folate and magnesium reduces the risks associated with coronary heart diseases and other heart-related illnesses.

Lotus Seeds Help you to Sleep Well

Lotus seeds have relaxing, calming, and soothing effects on a person’s mental health. They help your nerves relax better and help you to get better sleep regularly. They also help promote the dilation process of the blood vessels and help alleviate anxiety and depression. This is due to the presence of Isoquinoline alkaloids in lotus seeds.

Lotus Seeds Improve Neural Functioning

Another essential use of lotus seeds is that since it is an excellent source of thiamine, it holds high significance in retaining the good function of the nerves. The consumption of lotus seeds assists the body to generate a compound called acetylcholine that aids in the process of neurotransmission.

Lotus Seeds are Also High in Antioxidants

Undoubtedly, lotus seeds are rich in various antioxidants that help prevent oxidative stress and neutralize harmful free radicals. Particularly, lotus seeds contain antioxidants like gallic acid, epicatechin, and chlorogenic acid.

Antioxidants can reduce inflammation, which is advantageous if you have inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, gout, or any inflammatory bowel diseases.

How to Consume Lotus Seeds?

When it comes to the consumption of lotus seeds, there are several ways by which you can consume them. No matter how you wish to consume them, grounded, boiled, roasted, or even in the form of extract, lotus seeds can fulfill every need efficiently.

Lotus seeds are, however, used most commonly in the form of pastes. Nevertheless, lotus seeds can also be consumed dry regularly. All you must do is soak the seeds overnight and add them directly to salads, soups, or any other dish of your choice.

Besides this, lotus seeds are also consumed in the form of puffed grains. They can also be used in Indian dishes like curries, kheers, puddings, and so on.


As discussed above, the benefits of lotus seeds are incredible. They are indeed a highly nutritious snacking item, packed with essential nutrients including fibres, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

They offer a surplus number of benefits for the human body such as promoting weight loss, managing symptoms of diabetes, improving sleep patterns, enhancing nervous system activity, and slowing down aging. Due to all these benefits, lotus seeds are a perfect addition to your regular diet to boost physical and mental wellness.

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