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At City Imaging, we will provide you with complete details about MRI scan cost in Delhi. Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI, is a type of scan that leverages strong magnetic fields and radio waves. The magnetic field and radio waves create a detailed image of the inside of your body.

Modern-day doctors rely on MRI scans to minutely examine the health of your internal organs, tissues, etc. At City Imaging, we offer the best MRI scan in Delhi. We have 1.5T MRI machines that can offer an accurate diagnosis.

Moreover, our trained technicians will ensure that the MRI scan is comfortable for you. MRI machines at our diagnostic centre can also produce 3D images. To learn more details about our MRI scans, consult with us.

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Things to know about MRI Scan near me

An MRI scan at City Imaging is a painless diagnostic procedure that produces clear images of your organs and tissues. It can also create detailed images of the structures present within your body. Our MRI scanners rely on large magnets, radio waves and a computer to process the images.

Nowadays, most doctors order MRIs for their patients. MRI doesn’t use X-Rays or other radiation. Therefore, the chances of exposing your body to radiation are none. It is also the best form of imaging test if you need to undergo frequent imaging tests. Here are some benefits of undergoing an MRI scan near me.

  • MRI offers better soft tissue contrast when compared to CT scans
  • It can differentiate between fat, water, soft tissues and other structures
  • MRI scans are suitable for diagnosing numerous conditions
  • It is the preferred imaging diagnostic test for doctors

What Organs and Structures that an MRI Scan Shows?

MRI scans produce images of your body’s organs and tissues with more clarity than other imaging techniques. Your doctor can look at the MRI report and tailor a treatment plan that best suits your present condition. Here are some organs and structures that can be scanned with MRI.

  • Your brain and the surrounding nerve tissues
  • Tissues present in the breast
  • Your spinal cord and spine
  • It can scan the major organs in your chest and abdomen
  • Blood vessels
  • Lymph nodes

The results derived from an MRI scan can help in diagnosing conditions and planning treatments. MRI scans also tell your doctor about the effectiveness of the treatment. You can inquire about MRI cost in Delhi by contacting us.

When should you Undergo an MRI Scan?

Your doctor may order an MRI scan to recognise various types of illnesses. At City Imaging, we have the expertise to conduct several types of MRI scans. For instance, our brain and spinal cord MRIs can identify the following conditions.

  • Brain tumours
  • Tumours in the spinal cord
  • Common illnesses affecting the spinal cord
  • Stroke

We also have the expertise to conduct cardiac MRIs. Our cardiac MRI in Delhi can analyse the following.

  • Anatomy and function of the chambers within the heart
  • To analyse the effects of coronary heart disease
  • To identify the common cardiovascular conditions

You can consult with us to learn about MRI cost in Delhi. At City Imaging, we can conduct MRIs of the bones and joints. The MRI of the bones and joints can help evaluate the following:

  • Anomalies in joints caused by repetitive injuries and trauma
  • Bone infections
  • Disk anomalies in the spine
  • Bone tumours

How to Prepare for an MRI?

At City Imaging, we offer complete information and details before you undergo a diagnostic test. Here are some ways in which you should prepare for an MRI.

Consuming Food: You may eat and drink and take medications as usual. However, you shouldn’t overeat as it can make you uncomfortable during the procedure. We will offer detailed instructions on how to prepare for an MRI during your initial consultation.

Clothing: We will provide you with a patient gown for the scan. Moreover, you should remove all personal belongings. If you have piercings and jewellery, try to leave them at home. Lockers would be provided to you to store your belongings.

During the Scan: The MRI scan takes place inside a large tube-like structure that is open on both ends. You should stay still for high-quality images. We will provide earplugs to filter out the loud noise of the MRI machine. If you feel any type of discomfort, our technicians will help you.

Allergy: If you have recent allergies, communicate with us. You have to take anti-allergy medications two hours prior to the procedure.

Magnetic Environment: If you have metal objects within your body, the technician won’t get clear images. You should disclose metal objects implanted in your body during the initial consultation.

At City Imaging, we provide the best information about MRI test price in Delhi.

An MRI scan is completely safe and poses no risks. You have to follow the appropriate safety guidelines to ensure the procedure is successful. As the best MRI scan centre in Delhi, our diagnostic processes are affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the Total Duration of an MRI Scan?

Based on the type of MRI you are undergoing; the scan usually takes thirty to fifty minutes. You should come prepared accordingly.

Q2. Is the MRI Process Painless?

The MRI scan process is completely painless and involves no downtime. You can go home on your own after the procedure.

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