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A treadmill test (TMT) is a preventive screening procedure that helps diagnose a variety of heart diseases. The test is performed to monitor how optimally the heart pumps blood when it is under stress or working the hardest. At City Imaging & Clinical Labs, we have expert lab professionals and cutting-edge technology to perform a TMT test efficiently.  In our centre, TMT is done under direct supervision of postgraduate medical doctors.

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What is a Treadmill Test?

A treadmill test, also known as a cardiac stress test, a procedure that monitors the heart’s rhythm when walking on a treadmill. Through the TMT heart test, your doctor will evaluate how efficiently your heart can perform under stress before blood flow to the heart muscle drops or it shows an abnormal rhythm.

When put under stress, such as physical activities, the heart pumps harder and faster. A treadmill test can help detect problems that might be hindering the optimal flow of blood into the heart under physical pressure in a controlled setting. It helps assess your cardiovascular health, thereby, determining whether or not you have coronary artery disease.

The test is also used to monitor heart health after a patient has undergone a heart attack or angioplasty. During the test, your heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing per minute are also monitored to evaluate overall heart health.

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Why is a TMT Performed?

Your doctor may recommend getting a TMT test done if they suspect a heart disease or to monitor your health after a heart attack or angioplasty. A TMT is performed to:

  • Evaluate how effectively the heart pumps blood when at rest or during some kind of physical stress
  • Examine if the heart gets enough blood supply to function efficiently
  • Diagnose a disease of the coronary artery
  • Detect anomaly in the heart’s rhythm – a condition which is known as arrhythmias
  • Identify abnormalities with the heart muscles and valves
  • Guide the treatment procedure for various heart conditions
  • Assess the heart health before a surgery

If you experience symptoms such as sudden physical weakness, chest discomfort, dizziness or laboured breathing, then you should get a TMT done at City Imaging & Clinical Labs.

TMT Test Procedure

Before the TMT, you will need to undergo a physical examination and discuss your medical history with our doctor. If you have a pre-existing condition, such as arthritis, diabetes or joint issues, inform the same to the doctor before the test begins. Exercising can cause blood sugar levels to fluctuate in diabetic patients, impacting the test results.

During the test, you will need to walk on a treadmill at a slow-moderate level while our technician will monitor your heart rate through an ECG machine. The electrodes of the ECG device are attached to your chest which helps record your heart rhythm at a continuous pace.

In addition to the heart rate, a TMT test also measures:

  • Your heart’s electrical activity
  • The body’s oxygen levels
  • Blood pressure
  • How efficiently the heart is functioning under stress as compared to average levels for people of your gender and age

We are the most trusted choice for TMT tests near me, using the latest device that can accurately capture the heart’s rhythm for effective diagnosis. The test is performed by a highly trained technologist who has expertise in performing cardiac stress tests.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do I need any special preparation for a TMT test?

Follow the below instructions to prepare for a treadmill test:

  • It is advisable to remain empty stomach for at least 3 to 4 hours prior to the test. The test can be done first thing in the morning or after 3 to 4 hours of having a meal
  • Have at least one person accompany you during the test
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes on the top so that you can easily change into a gown for the test
  • Men with hair on their chest need to shave for the electrodes to stick properly on the skin

Q2. How accurate is a TMT test?

At City Imaging & Clinical Labs, we use the latest device that measures your heart condition accurately and ensures proper diagnosis. The rate of error is negligible.

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