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You can learn about NCV test cost by consulting with us. It is a diagnostic procedure, also known as the Nerve Conduction Velocity test. Which ascertains how fast electrical signals move through the nerve. The primary purpose of an NCV test is to identify damage within the nerve.

During the NCV test, we will stimulate your nerves with electrode patches. Usually, our professionals will place two electrodes on the skin over your nerve. An NCV test is also referred to as a nerve conduction study. This is because healthy nerves transmit electrical signals quickly and with greater endurance than damaged nerves.

An NCV test at City Imaging allows your doctor to identify injuries within the nerve fibres. It also helps in identifying issues associated with the myelin sheath. To learn more about an NCV test, reach out to us today.

What Conditions Can an NCV Test near me Detect?

Typically, your doctor may ask you to undergo an NCV test at our diagnostic centre to identify peripheral nerve diseases. Peripheral nerves connect the spinal cord and brain to muscles and organs. An NCV test accurately depicts the location and type of nerve damage. Issues associated with peripheral nerve conditions are pain and sensory loss. Here are some of the conditions an NCV test can detect.

1. Peripheral Neuropathy: An NCV test can precisely identify peripheral neuropathy.

2. Nerve Compression: Numerous conditions like inflammation and trauma can cause compression in the nerves.

3. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Carpel Tunney Syndrome causes pain and numbness. An NCV test can accurately recognise the syndrome.

4. Ulnar Neuropathy: It is a condition of the nerve that causes pain in the arm. For example, pressure on the ulnar nerve can cause this type of illness.

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Things to Expect during an NCV Test

At City Imaging, we’ve trained technicians who will perform an NCV test. In most cases, an NCV diagnostic procedure requires two visits to our centre. During the first visit, we will review your medical record and talk to you about the symptoms.

We will also analyse your sensation and muscle strength during the first consultation. This will help us to decide which nerves to test during the NCV procedure. During the test, we will place adhesive surface electrodes on the skin.

We will also let you know about the NCV test price in Delhi during the procedure. Our technicians will apply mild electrical impulses through a handheld stimulator to excite your nerves. The electrodes placed on your skin will help in recording the electrical activity.

The distance and the time taken for impulses to travel between electrodes will show us the speed of nerve impulses.

Preparing for an NCV Test at our Centre- What should you know?

At City Imaging, we always ensure that our patients undergoing an NCV test have a comfortable experience. During the procedure, you can always ask us questions. We will strive hard to sort your queries. We’ll also let you know about the NCV test price in Delhi properly.

  • You should stop using oils, lotions and other skincare products a week before the procedure
  • Always communicate about your current medications
  • Dress in comfortable clothes while visiting City Imaging for an NCV test
  • If you have a pacemaker, inform our Doctors/Professionals before the procedure

During an NCV test, there is no need for fasting or sedation. However, if you have any specific health conditions, always take proper precautions.

Outcomes of an NCV Test

City Imaging provides the best NCV test in Delhi. Before undergoing an NCV test, you should know about its outcomes. An NCV test can identify:

  • Damage to one or more nerves
  • Whether there is damage to motor nerves or sensory nerves
  • The severity of the nerve damage
  • Blockage in the nerves
  • The exact type of damage in the nerves

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How long does an NCV Test take?

Typically, an NCV test takes nearly 60 minutes on all 4 limbs, But if you come for the test of 1 limb then NCV Test takes average 20-30 minutes.

Q2. Are there any Side-Effects of an NCV Test?

At City Imaging, we rely on advanced procedures and machines to conduct the NCV test. As a result, after the test, you may feel a slight discomfort. but it is temporary.

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